Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union

We are a full-service financial services provider, serving Sigmas, Zetas and their families internationally. While it is similar to a bank in terms of the services it provides, it is philosophically different in operation. Each dollar invested by members goes toward giving another member a reasonable loan rate.

What We Offer

We offer Special Project Loans, Share Secured Loans, Collateralized Loans, Special Signature Loans. We offer loans for purposes of Home Improvements, Education, Wedding, Vocation, Bills/Loans Consolidation and Personal.


Membership in the Credit Union is open to Sigmas, Zetas, their families, the Fraternity, the Sorority, and their Regions and Chapters. A $30.00 minimum amount is required to open a share account, of which $5.00 pays the application fee and $25.00 purchases 5 shares at $5.00 each, deposited into the account.

Our Commitment

As a credit union, our commitment to you and the communities we serve is to continue to provide you exceptional value, convenience and the highest possible level of service each and every day.

Thank you for choosing Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union to be your trusted financial partner.

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Contact Us

Thank you for visiting the Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union website. For additional information please contact us via email at or or by phone at 202-726-2285.

For more information on Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., visit

Board Members

  • President – Eric Gilliam
  • Vice President – Omari Swinton
  • Treasurer – Alex Martinez
  • Secretary – T. Harding Lacy, Jr.
  • Board of Directors – Terrance Gibson

Board Members

  • Peter M. Adams, Esq.
  • Reginald Sluch
  • Martin Currie
  • Bernard Hamilton
  • Savannah Winston
  • Michael Beverly

Committee Chairs

  • Education – Brandon Brown
  • Supervisory – Peter M. Adams, Esq.
  • Investment – Omari Swinton
  • Credit – Michael Ferby
  • Technology – Bernard Hamilton
  • Collections – Wendell Walker

Website Management

  • Design – Garrick Stafford, Sr
  • Management – Garrick Stafford, Sr


Phi Beta Sigma Federal Credit ,
145 Kennedy Street NW, Washington, DC 20011


(202) 726-2285
(202) 726-5814 (fax)

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. EST
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